Divide list by single digit output

I am attempting to divide a list of digits by a single digit out from a division (math) node, but the resultant list is only has a length of 1. It’s only performing the operation on the first item in the list. If I replace the divisor (single digit) by a constant from a code block, it works as excepted. Something about using the number from the division node is causing it to behave oddly. Any suggestions?

Change the lacing of the division node to “Longest”, or to “cross product”. You can do this clicking with the right button on the node.


use flatten node or set up the levels
see picture

see following link for explanation of the use of listlevels


and here is the link for tiagocorradi solution:

see also mine seccond picture i added tiagocorradi his solution:


Thanks! I got it to work by using level 1. I’m not sure how you are getting it to work in your upper most example without flatten and without using levels.

right click on the / node
go to lacing
and select longest

for further explanation see link:

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Got it, Thanks!

you’re welcome

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I believe that the top left worked as t wasn’t a list, but a single element. List.FirstItem might have helped resolve this as well.

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