Multipliy all element of list with number


When i do multiply list of element with and value. it will jut to multiplication of only first value of list.

Is there a way i can get all element of list multiply with specific input. …

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Introduce a Flatten or List.FirstItem node between User Inputs and y
Change the lacing on the * node


Still getting only 1 output in result.


@hardik.dhingani123 Should have tried the other suggestions too


Thank you, it works.


Why are you sending the singular 12 through a List.FirstItem node?


i am not sending singular 12. it will be any number which user will select. it is variable. see my script above.


I believe @Vikram_Subbaiah did this to force the lacing - otherwise shortest would only return one number.


By doing so the list structure is altered such that I can leave lacing at Shortest (as @JacobSmall has said above )