Divide just non-Line elements


This script was created to push information from Areas into the Rooms contained within their boundaries.

The first approach extracted the area’s model curves endpoints to create polygons. But this only works for areas with linear boundaries.

The second approach divided the area’s model curves into 4 line segments so to break down arcs, ellipses, etc into more accurate boundaries for the self-containment test.

I was aiming to refine the script so that I wouldn’t divide every single curve into 4 segments but only doing that to filtered arcs, etc.

Trying to use an IF node but I guess I may be messing up with the list order so I cannot get the correct polygons to be created.

So, I have one question.
How can I get just the non-Line curves, divide them into 4 segments, or a measure, and make sure the list with the endpoints for those segments gets added to the correct sub-list of points that recreate a faceted boundary for the original Area?

Revit file attached as well with a couple of area boundary options to test with the script.
Check GIA Area Plan Level 0 view.

AreaParametersToRoomsByActiveView.dyn (73.7 KB)
Areas to Rooms.rvt (1.2 MB)