Distance checking with parameter name

Hi all, i want to check the distance between walls in both vector X & Y. I am afarid that i have an error below, about the input or the node, which i copied from others. What can i amend in this situation?


You’re currently trying to connect a category output to and element node input. To solve your issue, you need to add the

All Elements Of category node in front of your Categories node.

Thank you! the error is fixed! However, the other is existed that how can i fix with the failed operation below?

The error may be due to the structure of your lists. You may need to use list levels.

You mean the level in the model? My model is just a sample for testing so it has only 1 level. Or it is a wrong node below, or the wrong link.

Sorry, I meant the structure of the data coming out of your nodes. Are you able to show the data from your nodes?

You mean this ? I have checked and my model is the below one that 4 walls are in another 4 walls. And the data has deteched and shown all (0-7 surface in dynamo, right?).

Hi Luhon,

What kind of values are you recieving out of the Element.GetParameterValueByName nodes?


Hi Vincent,

Why my data from the Element.GetParameterValueByName is 8, however it is shown nothing. Is the failure existed due to the previous code block or the node after?


I think that the parametername is not spelled correctly.


Thanks Vincent, i have changed 2 parameter name into “length” and “unconnected height” which i think is more proper to use, and the new result is below with some dots. I don’t know if it is a good process. Then, how about the next error in RayBounce?

Right, there are a series of issues in your script i’m afraid.

1 - The parameter “Width” is a type parameter and that’s why you’re getting blanks. You need to go from elements to types, use Element.Type.

2 - check “Actual Wall Distance” is correct or weather is a type parameter.

We’ll take it from there

Thanks Ren,

Actually the “Width” and “Actual Wall Distance” are my poor amendment from others dynamo file which is checking the horizontal height, not the X & Y coordinate, also the next node (d*w). So now i have changed into some parameter names that exactly existed in dynamo for WALL by Elements.Parameter. Although i still don’t know if the flow setting is right or not :sweat_smile:

The similar result i want and dynamo file is from https://revitbeyondbim.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/clearance-height-on-stairs-watch-your-head/
I try to amend it one by one.