Distance Between Two Non Parallel Walls

Hello dear All, I want to create a simple Dynamo script, which outputs the center to center distance of two non parallel walls.

Firstly, I started with a script for parallel walls, but now I really don’t know what I have exactly to change.
PFA the dynamo script for parallel walls and the example wall with the Excel output. An example of two non parallel walls is also attached.

Thank you for any suggestions.

For non parallel you have to decide where you want to measure as the distance between start will not be the same sa the distance between end.
Or you could jsut use the middle of the curve

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Hello Daniel,

thank you for your fast reply.

I thought the same and tried to apply it. Please see my screenshot.
What is the step of a wall to a line, because the node element.curves responses the list would be empty.


I think it’s important to build graphs with simple examples that you can check, otherwise you might get funny readings…

If you’re happy with a bit of an error, using points and lines will be fast…

Otherwise if you get the wall geometry, you can isolate the particular face you’re interested in and get a point from there… But you’ll still have to be careful!

Using the Dynamo preview is very useful…

Hope that’s of interest!



Hey Mark,

many thanks for your suggestions.
And yes you are right, the dynamo preview helps a lot!

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