Hello all,
Can anybody explain why I get null for this graph?
I am trying to get the dimension between opposite faces of a rectangular column.
I have made sure that I select the opposite faces as both are parallel to X-axis.
I tried many nodes that create dimensions but I still cannot make any.

Hi @Omar.Elwan ,

Add a “List.FirstItem” node after your Element.Geometry Node :slight_smile:

umm… nothing has changed!

Please read the error message carefully :slight_smile:
It seems that this node also needs revit elements and not element references


It is working fine for me

Can you try it with my family? I strongly think the problem is in the family itself!

M_Concrete-Rectangular-Column.rfa (360 KB)

Edit your family and name your reference planes.
It will be easier to find the right references.

I have found the problem. I want to collect all the references in the family to be filtered afterward. I collect them with the node (Element Surfaces References) but It seems that it does not collect them properly. Do you know any node that calls all the references in a family instead of calling them with their names?