Dimensionally accurate axonometric view

Disclaimer: I am fairly new to both Dynamo and visual programming.

Has anyone attempted to create a “true” axonometric view with Dynamo? What I am looking for is a dimensionally accurate plan view oriented at 45 degrees to the normal with the axon of the rest of the building projected below it. A quick search showed me that there is a workaround in grasshopper (dynamo isn’t grasshopper) to hack a plan view and a skewed 3D view together, but I have not found any such documentation for revit/dynamo. Is it even possible to skew a 3D view in dynamo, because it isn’t something Revit natively will do.

No is an acceptable answer, as I am merely doing my due diligence and have already informed the powers that be (bosses) that I don’t think it’s doable.


Thanks in advance

As far as I know, you can accomplish it in Revit by modelling a 45 degree object or plane, and aligning a 3D (non-camera) to that, then deleting/hiding the object

So you might be able to repeat this in Dynamo




Thank you for the response Andrew, but I don’t think that’s quite what I’m looking for. If I align a Aligning a non-camera 3D view in revit doesn’t produce the distortion that you see in an Axonometric view, instead I get a steep angle on a 3d view, something similar to the middle image below, when I am looking for something similar to the image on the right.


The only software that I know that can produce true planimetric axonometric views in FormZ. Generally these views were used more often when drafting by hand because you could take a plan and rotate it as an underlay and then project the lines up to create the axonometric views.