Dimension in multiple views

i want to dimension my grids in multiple views
i works in the active view or just in one view

but in multiple views dynamo create a part of the dimension in the first view of the list en the other part in the second view of the list
and the dynamo lines in another view
but the it won’t create dimension in every view i put in

i think i have to put in multiple lines and grids in the input reference elements and line input of the dimension.ByElements node
but how?

’ MyVit’ package , GridDimension node.

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I get warning:

Dynamo has already installed steamnodes

Dynamo will attempt to uninstall this package before installing

but in need steamnodes

is there another way to instal MyVit package?

Don’t worry just install it , it will reinstall it.

i installed it
run it
it created 85 dimensions

i can’t find it in the drawing
select by id gives the following message
the following element IDs are invallid and won’t be used: 663319

That’s really strange, everytime i tested it only give beautiful results. But nevermind, at least you’ve already got the idea to create dimensions in multiple views :smile:

Try checking the elements properties in dynamo instead by pulling the element.parameters in the the graph and post results.

after a restart
it works

i got the idea how you made it in youre node possible to create dimensions in multiple views

i am going to make it work in my own node
(i have extra dimension line from first to the last grid)

thanks for the tips

Thanks Jean
thanks to you’re package i could compare the differences of input in Dimension.byElements Node
because i have 4 dimension lines i put a list in the line input of teh Dimension.ByElements Node
And that was causing the problem
know i put in four times a line in the line input of the 4 dimension.ByElements Nodes
Problems solved:slight_smile:

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Welcome mate , i glad you find it useful :slight_smile:

hi @Nico_Stegeman would you be kind to share the code?

A lot of work for dimensioning grids.

Copy-paste to selected views works just as well.