Dimension Foundation

Hi, I’m trying to put dimensions to the structural foundation, but I’ve stayed there, some help.


This should work but it also creates detail lines.

Multiple Dimensions#1.dyn (16.8 KB)

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Hello, if it works perfectly, but a question in what way I could do it so that it only appears on the left side and the bottom side. Thank you very much

I managed to make it appear on two sides, but when the shoe is rotated it appears next to the right, there is some way to avoid that. Thank you

QC-CO-Zapatas.dyn (22.3 KB)

Probably the settings in revit

It actually creates a detail line the same length of the side and next to it. It then dims the detail line so really not such a good method. But the OOTB node doesn’t work so well.

Can you share the Script or image of the script for better understanding?

It is in the previous comments.