Different Topography element from point list

Is there any way to select a group of points using their density arrangement.

hi @lorenzo2.papa ,

hmmmm… :face_with_monocle: Maybe there is a Guru to continue…



Thank you andreas for the kind answer but i fear i didn’t get so much from it… what do you mean with Guru

The idea is to develop the script forward. Actually the node ClosestPointTo has the potential to develop the topic. Also a Vector_Issue…

Hello there,
what you exactly need
how I understand you need to get a lists of points grouped like this?

Hi @lorenzo2.papa ,

You could use the Group.ByDistance node from the “spring nodes” package.
(Assuming you want the results as described by @y.Petrenko )


Hi, thanks for your attention.
actually those spots are points that had been mapped from an excavator but they all come from a landxml file that is not able to recognize the different holes. So the resulting topography will be stretched to try to connect all of them.

yes you get right my expected result tho.

In this case use method what show @Daan