Identifying same elements (with their hosted elements) to group them

Hi everyone!

once again I here looking for your help. I’m struggling with a clasifing problem.
I have x number of elements in the model, some of them have a hosted elements, and some of them are the same (the host and the hosted) but their orientation may change.
I usually identify same elements group, using assembly tool. The problem comes when the elements have some variations in their orientation, o some geometry inprecision.
Finally, I would like to get the uniques model elements and their hosted elements, and give them the same comment…

I would like, identify same model elementes, in order to give them the same code.

I’m trying the following…
Select all elements of a category, then grup them and separate by keynote. The hosts elements will have a certain keynote, so I can use the node Get Host Element, from archi-lab. Once there, I group them by their id, the host and the hosted. After that I extract their polysurface, and points, and reference them to the origin point in order to get same location.
But I’m stuck after that, I would like to compare that sublist, and get the result of some index comparation, 0=2, 1, 2=0, to group that elements and give them the same indentify mark.

I don’t know if my planning is incorrect…
(also, note, that still dind’t introduce the orientation elemente component… step by step)

Thanks for all!
@Vikram_Subbaiah I would really appreciate your help, older times you helped me a lot with geometry and lists… thanks again.

Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez