Determining ADA compliant route on floor

The attached Revit 2020 file contains a floor with various slopes. I would like to determine if there is a path from one end of the floor to the other (in the long direction) that meets ADA criteria of no more than 5% slope in the direction of travel and 2% cross slope. The path does not need to be a straight line. Is this achievable in Dynamo or perhaps using the new Generative Design functionality?

Floor sample.rvt (1.8 MB)

Likely yes. Look into the Path Of Travel. Once drawn get the curves and project them onto the floor surfaces. Evaluate the vectors of the resulting curves to get the slope, and flag any failures. Some adjustment can be made as rotating the path on a sloped floor will reduce the main path slope while increasing the cross slope, but you have to be able to keep width of the travel path for both and access boards tend to not care if ‘by zig-zagging down the hall…’ they like the lines straight.

Once you have the ‘fail’ you can automate obstruction creation by drawing temporary walls or other items, and running the path of travel node again. I recommend you be smart about it and ‘rule out’ and sloped surfaces which can never work out (based on slope being over 7% or whatever the value is that you can’t rotate the path it make it compliant).

Good luck.

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