Design script code to pass multiple inputs?

I have a list of areas and I want to use a “String Contains” to search for multiple values to be true. I’m attempting to gather values of a list that do not meet naming requirements to provide a total SF.
I think there has to be some design script that would allow me to pass multiple inputs across a list, a true for any “Approved” names. Hopefully the attached screenshot makes sense, I don’t know anything about design script at this point, or, if I should be exploring a different way to provide the solution.

Many thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to read this.

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Simplest way would be to use a List.Create from your node with all the values you want to search for. The. You’ll need to adjust Lacing to get all the values. After that an List.AnyTrue may also be helpful to get back to single yes/no per keyword.


Took me awhile to get the logic working, you wrote everything I needed! Didn’t realize there’s an “ALLTRUE” vs “ALLITEMSTRUE”, the two nodes work very differently from each other!
Thank you very much for the tip!

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