List within List


I’m pretty sure this is very simple and is staring me in the face but I cant seem to find the solution, I have a list created below from a multi input form

It contains 4 lists from 4 input questions, I would like to create a new list based on just one of the sub lists, in this case list 0 but for example say list 1 in the image, how do I do this ?

Thank you for any help

You don’t necessarily have to create a new list. You just need to isolate the one that already exists. You can use GetItemAtIndex or DesignScript shorthand (list[index]) to do so.

Hi Nick

thanks for the quick reply, would this work as the list above(list 0) is variable so I cant tell it how many items I would need, this is why I thought I could just say give me all items in list 0 as opposed to list 1,2 and 3

Thank you

Your output is already a list. So the items at index 0 through 3 are the whole sublists.

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hmmm… what are you trying? :wink:

Draxl_Andreas thanks, that’s what I’m after, saved me pulling more hair out

I need to use some of the inputs from the ui to select categories but the list i got from there was combined with other fields so the next part of the script didn’t like it

Thanks all for the help

Or to get a little fancy with it when you might want a variable to drive which item you pull from the list.

Or in your case with just a node for the first item (list) in the list.

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