Collecting text items using multiple criteria?

I’m trying to iterate through an input list of Layers and searching for multiple start strings using the String.StartsWith node. This node only accepts one input string and not a List so I cannot use a Cross Product Lacing option. See attached.
Does anybode know how to cross reference an input list of start strings against another master list?

Are you trying to do something like this?

You can check each string in your list against each of the search strings ['N-', 'X-', 'B-']. Using a List.AllFalse node, you can then determine which strings don’t match any of the criteria.

Hmn, I thought I tried that solution but that the String.StartsWith node didn’t accept an input list? Appearantly it does so that should work also for me. The List.AllFalse node is also very handy indeed. This should greatly reduce my complete script. Thanks!

No problem. All nodes with inputs should accept both single objects and lists of objects, although some nodes do not support levels or lacing.