Deploy geometry surfaces

Hi group!


i was wondering how could we select, for instance faces from a complex geometry, and set them on a workplane?

i know we could dimension on multiple workplane, but i want to see all the faces in elevation or in floor plan.


any idea?



Sounds like you need the DynamoUnfold tool. If you get the latest daily, you’ll be able to export the unfolded geometry as a referable DirectShape object that can be dimensioned.



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Or, maybe like this…



wow! i’ll give a try

thank you

hmmm is there a way to apply this to a selected faces?


Vikram’s suggestion might be better suited for that case. You could try calculating each surface’s extents by its bounding box to automatically calculate the shift:


A note of caution: The coordinate system approach will be accurate only if the individual surfaces are planar. Non planar surfaces should be triangulated and broken into planar sub surfaces for this approach to work.

The Dynamo Unfold tool is a far more complex and accurate tool. But using it for relatively simple cases might amount to overkill.

In the example above, I’ve “flattened” the faces onto the XY plane with the help of the “Curve.PullOntoPlane” node to simulate an elevation view. If you want to have the actual face dimensions, you’ll have to indeed use the unfold tool.

Development of surfaces is required for fabrication, the Unfold tool does that and is certainly the tool if the end goal is fabrication.



Thanks guys!


indeed Unfold tool is overkill.

i ended up using Vikram’s approach.



Hi guys,

I am also working on the same issue and the main goal is fabrication of ACP, but I am facing two problems:

1- I lost the data written in the code block from Vikram even when i download it again it was empty, can you please attach it with a more clear picture.

2- Labeling and numbering for the panels on the surface it self and after deploying to x,y,z for referencing, how do you think it could be done?

thanks in advance


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Thank you Vikram,

Regarding the second point I reached a certain level which is labeling with circles for all panels which is not helpful for this case, in addition to that labels are not importing to revit when importing unfolded panels.

Something like this should work in a family document. But the positioning of the text isn’t as expected.
See if it help you figure out a better approach.
DeploySurfaces.dyn (55.3 KB)


Hi Vikram,

Sorry for the late reply… the Algorithm you posted last time didn’t work even it didn’t show the model in dynamo, any suggestions?
Anw I will be checking deeply when having more time