Deleting Curves much later after creation?

Whee, I think this is my 5th dynamo forum profile! Long time user of dynamo here, got a quick question of a way to control when I delete items from the image below;
Hopefully the image scale is manageable, I’m generating curves so I can track the start/stop of pipe, and use it as a reference for guiding my adaptive family along the pipe path. (Generates a sleeve down the length of the tubing similar to insulation but not.)

When I’m said and done, sleeves along pipe, sized, all looking great, I’m left over with my model curves in the project still. I want to use a simple Element.Delete and nuke them at the end, but I need the last “SetParameterValue” to execute before the collection of elements is deleted. My brain says use a transaction, but I’ve always had horrible luck getting them to work right. I can manually delete the lines after the script is done, but that’s silly… we automate things in Dynamo!

Hello I think clockwork node passtrough is what you are looking for


Oh, you know I think I’ve taken that passthru node from it in the past. I try at all costs to avoid any modules for ‘work use’, but I remember that being easy to pull the base nodes out of and recreate it in OOTB Dynamo, thanks!

Mr. sovitek and Mr. vladimir gave examples



They were even nice enough to show the design script in that link you provided, and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much for the link and suggestion! Completed project!