Delete Elements without a Dynamo package node

Hello everyone,

It is not something relevant, but I was wondering about it.

Is there any way to delete elements with Dynamo without the need of a Dynamo Package?
Any DesignScript code possible to use to delete elements?

By the moment using Archi-lab Dynamo package node Elements.Delete of @Konrad_K_Sobon


Hi @RubenVivancos, yes, you can get and use/modify directy in dynamo the python node inside a custom node made on python from a packages (like Springs.Doc.DeleteElements from Spring), is the advantage of the nodes made with python instead of zerotouch.

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it comes with 3 outputs, unnecessary if node does not continue. Delete should be a core node, too basic, do not you think?

Hi you can use also Tool.Eraser from SteamNodes ou made a new node with python, python node is a OOTB node basic of dynamo without packages:image

The Element.Delete node is included in Revit 2021, Dynamo 2.6.
No need of a package.

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Hi Alban, of course depend of the Revit version that you use…