Delete duplicated revision-clouds,how?

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I want that my duplicated clouds got deleted. Just one-cloud-standing would be nice.
My script does every run something else, sometimes deleting all, sometimes just 2 of the the duplicated elements… which part is missing? How can i add something like “unique element” should be not deleted…

I am glad about any advice



Hi Andreas,

Do you want to keep one revisioncloud for each revision?
I got three different revisions in this project for example.

Or do you want to keep one revisioncloud on the entire sheet?

It is just about the grafical cloud.

the problem is:
For any reason the clouds got duplicated by syncronicing… I don`t know why.
There is no warning

I want just to delete the duplicated clouds. Not the issuses!
I want to avioud it, doing it manualy!



So all off them got a different issuedate?

the proplem is I have 2 identical clouds at the same place! I want just one of them.

to solve the problem manualy is easy - select and delete, but I have 600 of them in different views!

Hi Andreas,

This might be a solution for your issue. I have for example six revision clouds on sheet.
I group them by Workset, which is the sheet basicly, then i group them by revision sequence. After that is take the rest of the list, wich will result in all revision clouds except one for each revision sequence. After that you can delete the rest of the list.

Hopefully this makes sence.

i have an idea to get the Revision Cloud, then use Element.Geometry, you will get a group of arcs for each, convert them to polycurve by Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves, then take apoint like Curve.StartPoint, then group them by Key, use the start point as a key, you should have now a list with sublists that contains each duplicated revisions , take first or last item and delete the rest

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Allmost done!
I allmost got you! Where is the missing link…:slight_smile:
The delete part i can`t terminate.
doubleCloud.dyn (5.2 KB)

you should take the first item from “groups” not “unique keys”

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Great methode, i didn’t get the question right i guess :wink:

SelectDelete.dyn (6.2 KB)



good to hear that …
please mark as solved :white_check_mark:

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