Delete dimensions from families

Hello community,

I would like to bulk delete dimensions from a list of families in a folder using dynamo.

Can we do this???

Hi @BIMadmin, the short answer is yes :-).



I can only do it with the active document

There are some functions called Background Open so you can iterate through a list of files.

Do a search for that and you’ll find more information.

If I’m not mistaken the Orchid package has a bunch of Nodes to facilitate such a process.


I am using them but not sure why I can only collect items from the active doc and not the one open in the background.

Can you take a screendump of your graph? In the right corner of the Dynamo window you’ll see a Camera. Use that to take a picture of your graph :slight_smile:


Here it is

Screenshot and dyn.

Delete Dims.dyn (10.9 KB)

Many thanks in advance.

Your ‘collector all elements’ is looking in the active document, you need a method which can take a document input so you can feed the ones you’ve background opened…

Maybe this one from Orchid? I don’t have time to check right now…

Hope that helps,


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Greeeeeeeeeeeatt Mark!!

I am going to give it a go


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Hello Mark,

The Orchid node works as you suggested, now my problem is element delete from document.

I am using delete element in document from Genious Loci and it seems to operate well but is missing the first element to delete, not sure why?

Please see attached.

You don’t need List.level in the delete node, I think :slight_smile:

Hello CVestesen,

If I dont use levels, the delete element in document does nothing.

Dyn attached in case you can have a look.

Bulk delete elements from families.dyn (10.8 KB)


It seems to be the first item in the list the problematic one.

This is another test with 64 families.

All ok except the first one, not sure why???:fearful:

Oh, i didn’t notice the List.Chop. :slight_smile:

Hm not sure, are you sure that the first document is a FamilyDocument?

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Hi @BIMadmin, sorry for my late respond.
Is the problem solved yet?

Hello Christian,

Not a big issue, it’s only the first item on the list.