How Purge Family Documents

Does anyone know how to purge families itselfs (not the project where they are)? I’m trying to, with the dynamo open in the project where the families are, open all the families, purge them and then load them back to the same project

I tried all of this nodes:

but none of them seams to work with families… sometimes I get “null” others I get
“Warning: Document.Purge operation failed.
Modifying is forbidden because the document has no open transaction”

I tried this routine too:

But then I get a list of empty lists

Ps. I noticed some people have tried a while ago:

Does any one have a clue?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @luupieper,

This can be easily fixed.
I sent you by private message an updated version of the Purge Unused node.

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