Decompose list

Hi all,

I need your help because I would like to split a list that I get from the tool “Tool.Get surroundingElements” in several sub-lists to handle them separately.
I only managed to use “List.deconstruct” but it won’t work in all projects because we don’t know how many groups are present in the list.

Thanks a lot & have a nice day!

Jodie D


You can write in a codeblock


Is this what you are after?

Looks like you should check out List.Map and List.Combine since you’re applying the same logic (albeit with different inputs) to each sublist of your list. This would significantly reduce the size of your graph.

Yes thank you very much!

this greatly reduces the size of my graph . The problem is that I cant know the number of outputs as there in my project and therefore write codebloc more