List split / sort problem

Im facing a big trouble in list splitting of names and numbers. Since some of the names are continuous. I want it as a single unit.

In below example I have given it as Name3, Name4 then its assigned number

list Sample.dyn (18.2 KB)
Uploaded sample dyn files. Inputs are saved in it. terribly stucked here :pensive:

Any comments on this are appreciated. :innocent:

Hi @Nissal,
I hope this helps you out!

Solution.dyn (31.4 KB)

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Or you could just segregate your list before your list.create node, pre-processing, before combining all together. seeing that you are using list.create, it means that the data are already in structure and hence it could be done before hand, which is much more efficient in my opinion :slight_smile:

*Thank you @AmolShah *
Your solution helped me alot. :wink:

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