Reduce Sublist?

Hi all. I’m new to Dynamo but I’m being tasked with testing it for use in my office.

I’ve generated a “sub-sub-list” (45x35)x24 and i need to reduce the mid sub-list in order obtain a 45x24 list (as opposed to a 35x24 list that i obtain by applying the List. Reduce node to the “sub-sub-list”). I’ve managed to do it manually by deconstructing the “sub-sub-list” but it is obviously not practical since i would need to deconstruct ‘45 times’. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Not sure what you were trying to achieve with List.Reduce

But, if you’re only trying to manipulate the list structure, the definition below should help.

Take note the lacing.

Cheers Vikram, that was very helpful. thanks