Decimals in Length parameter

Hi all, when I get the value of the length parameter, I get a number with 4 decimals. I tried with several methods, but when returning the value to revit, the decimals reappear. How can I solve it?
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Hi @Jordivdl

Adjust rounding in Format Units.

Thanks, but the length value I applied to another parameter and I return it to revit.

@Jordivdl What is the parameter storage type for “ID”. Make sure it is String.

I do not know. I have tried this:

@Jordivdl Could you drop dummy rvt file here or Drop it in google drive/Dropbox and share the link here.

I’m sorry, in my office we have a confidentiality agreement for the archives.
The idea is to assign to a structural column or beam several parameters (name, type, length …) to concatenate them and return them to revit in another parameter, called ID. But the length parameter, I do not need decimals, as I return it in a text parameter (ID), write all the decimals.
Sorry for mi google english…:cry:

@Jordivdl No problem. Can you show us screenshot of your “ID” parameter properties.

@Jordivdl Add “StringFromObject” node and connect the values to SetParameter node. See if it helps

@Jordivdl Now how does in revit looks like?

@Jordivdl It works for me. Looks like it is a bug or may be language issue. Try reporting here

Here the whole scheme:

Try this Solution. SpringNodes.

This is my solution, only with the spring node does not work. Thank’s for reply!