Deal with Lists and python nodes

Hi all,

Its my first python script and I think its like a basic question, It makes me realize that I’m probably missing something fundamental about how to write python scripts for dynamo.

I’m trying to write a script that will make a list of numbers describing the vector angles that I want to convert the angles with the help of IF/ELSE condition as below:

Kindly advise, What am I missing here?

Try changing the last line to y.append(“Nil”).

You are converting the list to a string as soon as you hit a value > 180, rather than appending the error message.

You’re also missing a list level. Your python is set to iterate through each item in the supplied list, but you’re supplying a list with sublists. You could also do this with a nested If statement using DesignScript and not have to worry about the list structure.

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OUT = []

for i in IN[0]:
	if i <= 1:
	elif i <= 90:
	elif i < 180:

hmmmmmm… :confused:


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