Data Shapes UI ++

I’m looking for a way to feed in just Element names and not IDs. Currently I am feeding Element.Name but still is still suffixed with the ID.

Thank you for any insight on this.

Were you originally inputting something that included the Id? It looks like Element.Name isn’t showing the Id so you should be fine. Can you try closing and reopening your graph?

HI @tlivingston ,
The way it works right now, it will always display the id if the values are revit elements. This is meant to prevent issues when several elements have the same name. I might do something about it in the future but for now what you could do is feed the list view node the element names as keys and indexes as values, then use the indexes from the output to retrieve the items in your initial revit elements list .


Mostafa, thank you for the tip. This however has been my road block since you first released the UI ++. I have learned a ton about the passing elements though the UI (as my users love the simplicity and have no business in the dynamo graph) but this one has always stumped me. I understand the logic but do not have the dynamo skills yet to “node this up”. Could you give me a hint? :wink:

This is where I’m stuck…again, I’m coming out of the UI++ and my code block x[0] will show the correct selection, even with the ID as green. It will not however pass to other nodes. I am using the Object.Type to ensure I’m passing the correct elements but still striking out. I think if I use your suggestion, I can keep the elements (data types) as they are ?

Thanks again for any insights.

I was describing something like this :

then using the index to retrieve your elements :

Switching Select by category and view’s lacing to longest should get you where you want :

you’ll get empty lists for all the anotation categories that are not in the view though…


Thank you sir. Very well put together.

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