Data-Shapes - Mirrored Elements

So I have a script that works when I use it through Dynamo Player. I select the category and it tells me which items are mirrored.

I wanted to create a UI so I could incorporate it into my toolbar I made through PyRevit. I was able to figure out the script and it takes all the elements of the category through the script until it reaches the mirrored elements node.

With the first script it provides a list of true/false based on if it is mirrored or not. When I run it through the UI and it gets to this node it doesn’t do that.

Can anyone think of why the output would be different considering the input appears to be the same in both scripts?

Here are the 2 dynamo scripts:

Dynamo Player:
isolate mirrored items.dyn (20.9 KB)

UI input:
isolate mirrored items_script.dyn (38.3 KB)


I was able to solve this over the weekend. Data-Shapes outputs a list, so the difference was that Data-shapes was a list of a list and the dynamo node was just a list. I modified the mirror node to pull from level 2 and that solved the issue.