Cut rebars


Hello every one

I’m currently working a lot with rebars, and I’m trying to create a lot of control script for rebars with Dynamo.

I have just succeeded with constructing rebars in a wall, and now i want to be able to cut the rebars.

the way i want to cut the rebars is, if a person have made an opening in the wall, i want to be able to cut the rebars in that opening.

and this is where the problem occurs, as you can se in the picture, i have generatet a box in the opening and i simply trying to split the geometri, and some how this is not possible, can any one maybe explain why, and maybe help me out with a solution ?

thanks in advance


Create a family host to the wall, use a void, the rebar will be removed.


Hi, I’m trying to do the same, but for slabs, you were successful in what you wanted to do, thanks.