Cut multiple instances

hello, these are some adaptive component, I wanna trim them all by the upper generic form which is a box. I know how to cut one by one. I have hundreds of them actually which I showed are only few. Is there a quick way I can cut them once? I know a little dynamo. :slight_smile: still dont know how to realize that.

Hi @yangshilun2012 ,

Could you maybe share some screenshots/ files of the script which only cuts 1 adaptive component? I’m sure we can work out a script which can do multiple at the same time.

hi, Daan,
sure, I have tried the dynamo package clockwork, it has a cut geometry node, but it only works for a few elements, when I select a lot , it always says can’t cut joined elements.

i would like to upload my files, but it is too big, forum only allows me to upload maxium 4mb, my file is 7mb :frowning:

WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free here is the file :)))

Hi @yangshilun2012 ,

Have you tried chopping the first list with List.Chop with a lenght of 1?

still, got same warning. but run better than before i dont know…