Custom package name in node tree

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the name of a published custom package as it is displayed in the node tree.
I’ve just published my first package, but the name that shows up in the node tree does not match the package name.
In my case the package is named ‘MEPover’ but it shows up as ‘BIMstallatie’ in the Dynamo interface.

You will have to change each node individually. Right click on node in canvas and you can change where it groups.


Ah of course it’s the Category where I can change it.
Thanks John, luckily I haven’t got that many nodes yet :slight_smile:

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you can also change the node namespace/class name or you can write a customization .xml file… checkout the one that ships with the MeshToolkit package to see the syntax. I believe this only applies to zero touch nodes.

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Thanks Michael,
I’ll check it out.