Custom Nodes Datatype List

Does anyone know if there is a list to reference the datatypes and what they do for custom nodes?

For example, I have a percentage custom node and for the datatype it can either be double or int. What is the double datatype? Is there a list that shows all the datatypes and describes what it is?

I don’t think it’s even necessary here. What is your output type?

Edit: Never mind. It does seem to make a difference inside a custom node. The datatype for double is just double.

Hello @tc_taylor,

If you wish to have more than one specified datatype, you can use var which stands for variable and allows multiple input types.

/* First Number*/
x: var = 1

If you wish to understand the the list of reserved keywords, you can check out either of the following:

  1. The DesignScript language guide:
  2. My DesignScript presentation for BILT Slovenia 2018:

Both should help shed some light!


Hello @solamour,
Thank you for the guide. That was what I was looking for.