Curved wall with openings geometry


Hello everybody
Any Ideas why element.geometry fails for curved walls with openings and how to solve the problem?

There are additional faces in the solid where there has to be a hole. It’s working fine with straight planar walls.

Dynamo 1.3 Revit 2017.2


Same here, works for doors but not for windows and openings;
Revit 2016 all updates and service packs, Dynamo


It’s not a door vs window/opening. Any kind of opening in the middle of the wall gives you that result. And openings that are intersecting the outer boundary of the wall are translated correctly in Dynamo.




@viktor_kuzev Hopefully this issue will be addressed.
Meanwhile, a possible workaround …
CurvedWallOpeningGeometry.dyn (9.3 KB)


Hi all,
is this problem solved?

Best regards.
Xavier Coll


Hi Vikram,

In a simple model, this workaorund didn’t works in all openings, is really strange.

CurvedWallOpeningGeometry v2.dyn (20.5 KB)Test_2017_Walls_arc.rvt (2.9 MB)


Yeah, it is strange :slight_smile:
However, lowering the sill of the offending window (to the same level as the other window) seems to solve the issue, in this case. No change in definition.
I have no idea why this happens though :expressionless:


I think that it’s something related to dynamo geometry precising… Revit’s mysteries…

Best regards,
Xavier Coll