Dividing multiple curves to points

How to divide each curve with same amount of points?


screenshot.2015-07-31 13.52.32


this is a solution picture, add media don’t work for me. You have to go through Python for that

Hi! Thanks!

I did exactly as you did but i don’t get any points.


screenshot.2015-07-31 17.46.49

Just right click on your Curve.PointAtParameter node and change the lacing to cross product

Help try this file… Dynamo 0.7.5

Just do what Mark Thorley has advised above. Illustration below.




Works like Mark said. I forgot lacing option. Thanks!

Hi, I am trying to do something similar where cross product is not appropriate, as for each curve there are 2 different parameters to create points from. I’m a little confused how to achieve multiple parameters for each index of input curve. Surely i will not need to use the Curve.PointAtParameter for each parameter?


Couldn’t quickly work out a node approach, but was relatively straight forward with Design Script…

To expand on Vikram’s post, the node solution would consist of combining the “Curve.PointAtParameter” node (with the default value turned off) with “List.Combine” and applying the lists like so:



You can find more info on this approach here:


Hi There Dimitar,
I was having a similar problem and your instruction to turn off the default value solved it for me! I wasn’t aware of default values.

I’ll post my question and solution here in the hope that it is useful for someone else. Question is in note top left.
The forum wont let me post more than one image yet.