Curve offset by 2 directions!

Hi guys,
here is my script for making my generative building move on site, right now im following a youtube video and the guy doesnt explain any other shape than a square. I struggle to find how to connect teh curve.offset with the 2nd variable. I can’t just do the same code block and list create the 2, or it will generate a 2nd shape. The goal is that whatever the shape getting generated, it doesnt exceed the boundary.

thanks for your help!

I find it quite hard to understand what the problem is you are having, but maybe you could try using an “Intersection” node to check if the inner boundary intersects with the outer boundary :slight_smile:

In red, you see, I define an offset so my shape never extend over the limits. However, I cant restrict the 2 sides. if I list create it creates 2 shapes and still doesnt lock it the perimeter…