Curve Normal at parameter issue

I am trying to draw perpendicular lines to an ellipse using parameters, but for some reasons is not working as I was expecting. Lines are not perpendicular.

I found a workaround, see below, but I would like to understand why the first attemp is not working,


Its most likely caused by a data mismatch. You are passing a list of vectors and a separate list of points. These points are probably not aligning with your vector locations since there are either more or less of them arrayed on your ellipse. Try extracting the startpoint of the vectors and use that as the start point of the lines and you will probably find it works as expected.


Very right indeed,

I got the points form “Curve.PointAtParameter” and they are not the same as the ones coming from “Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLenght”.

Cheers again, and now you gave me the answer I reckon it was quite silly doubt :slight_smile: