Curve by parameter line on surface issue

Hello Everyone,
The parameter line on surface node shows that it is unable to make parameter line on surface.I am trying to make vertical lines on surface by joining the 10 points in the upper line and the lower line.The surfaces are multiple sufaces. I am trying to upload files but it gives me a message which shows new users are not allowed to upload files.
I am using Alias surface 2021.2 with dynamo
Could some one help.

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Can you try upload your images?

Best to use another hosting site such as google drive, Dropbox, onedrive, box, or the like.

Hello JacobSmall,
Here is the screenshot link . The surface is just a simple flat surface with three patches . which is curvature continuous with out any gaps

The error message was - Unable to make parameter line on surface

Surface Line.dyn (25.6 KB)

Hello Vijay ,
Thanks for your reply.
I think you tried to make it on a single surface . But my surfaces are multiple patches .
Could you please confirm.

Hello Vijay ,
I forget to mention the surface is crowned width wise as you see in the image . That is the reason i have used curve.parameter line on surface node.

So, you want splits the surface ?

Hello Vijay,
Yes vijay . As you see the above surface.jpg the surface has three patches, and it is crowned width wise that is the reason i used curve.parameter line on surface node to join the lines.

Try like B.

Surface Line.dyn (30.8 KB)

Hello Vijay ,

The error is same it does not work on multiple surfaces.

Try to merge as a single suafce…make sure in the model it’s connected surfaces. If it’s not make individual surface and divided as per needed.

@siddhardha.mjm before I explain in more detail, is this the result you are looking for? parameter line on surface issue-GG.dyn (24.4 KB)

Hello Michael,

Yes this is the solution i am looking for . I am trying to make a hexagonal grill out of this . If you could explain it in detail it will be good.

Okay, so you want isolines running over your surfaces.

  1. Join the edges on one side to one curve.
  2. Distribute 10 points along the three unified curves.
  3. You then want to create isolines at those 10 points. For that, I’m checking which point is on which surface, using the DoesIntersect note (delivers true/false, which equals yes/no on the question if the point is on that surface).
  4. With this result, creating an isoline on each of those points.
    You need to be familiar with the levels of list to understand my provided script completely.
    Hope this helps.
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Hello Michael,
Thanks for your explanation .I now understand the logic . I will work further.

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