CurtainSystem.AddCurtainGrid problem

With the new Dyn 1.3, this has now been added as a built-in node.

However, I’m having difficulty using it. The idea is to place grids at some pre-determined positions (e.g. randomised). It seems from the documentation that its inputs are 1: the curtain wall, and 2: a list of surfaces.

However, if I do that (surfaces perpendicular to the curtain system surface at the positions I wanted the grids) it gives me just a list of nulls - no error displayed, nothing to tell me why it fails to actually split the curtain system with grids.

Hi @irneb1

Show us your attempts with errors expanded.

Here goes

This shows the surfaces generated properly. I can even import them into Revit. The CurtainSystem is also generated without a hitch. However, using them as the inputs to the AddCurtainGrid node generates just a list of Null values, and the CurtainSystem is one single panel only.

At first I thought I might have run into the number-of-grids limitation, but even changing the spacing does the same thing:

@irneb1 If you ignore null values did it creates grids on face?

Nope, nothing there. Just one single curtain system, with one single panel - generated by the previous node (CurtainSystem.ByFace).

It may be more clear if I omit the import: