Curtain Wall - Panels - Random Instances

I’ve tried to run this graph and the FamilyInstance.SetType looks different to the one presented elsewhere.
And yet somehow it doesn’t seem to be willing to work…

Since I am fairly new to the game I can’t really get my head around this particular node.
Any pointers very welcome.

@M4RC3L: looks fine to me. And I didn’t get the null-output you got.
Even the pin vs. unpin systempanel doesn’t matter.

Which version of clockwork are you using?

First time shuffle:

Second time shuffle:


Thanks for a quick respond.

I’ve noticed that your node is somehow different to mine - see below (the difference highlighted in yellow).
Clockwork 1.31.0

I’ve managed to make it work by using a different, standard, node, but I’m still curious why it doesn’t roll on mine, neither R17 nor R18.

Hmm is you don’t have the ‘success’ output, it seems to me you don’t have the latest version installed.

That’s the funny bit.

When you check the pictures it seems that ‘success’ is missing from yours whereas it appears on mine.

Due to my limited knowledge on the subject I have literally no clue what went wrong and how the ‘success’ output impacts, well, the output.

I’ve uploaded both pics - in the first post you can see mine with ‘succes’ and the whole node highlighted in yellow.

In my second post I quote your post and highlight the missing ‘success’ in yellow.

I am clearly missing something here…

Hmmmm you sure are right! I thought I was on the latest build, and I was wrong! :laughing:

Updated it to the latest build, and luckily I was able to get the same results (so no null output). Strange!