Curtain wall module spacing

This is a task I find myself doing a lot in my office with curtain walls, making custom spacing based on several different dimensions. It is usually a randomized pattern. I have been able to create scripts like this in grasshopper, although it would be great to do it in Revit with curtain grids. I would like to be able to setup a few module distances (ex: 2’ 4’ 8’) and then scrub through a “seed” variable to generate different random options. It would also be great if you could control where the pattern starts just like Revit does with its curtain wall spacing (center Beginning or end).

In the phot0 the red indicates the “left over spacing”. (Yes in the photo you could subdivide the “leftover” further into the module but its just a diagram)

I could also see this as being fundamental feature Autodesk should hardcode into Revit.



I am experiencing the same issue at work setting up pattern grids. Would love to see if it can be done.