Crop views using walls?

I wonder if anyone has any suggestion on how to crop a view that is surrounding an area, so that its fits perfectly around the walls that are incapsulating the area?

I tried getting the curves from the area and offset the lines by 250, this works ok. But since not all the walls around the area is the same width, I dont the to see everything I need. If I offset 600, I will see the neighbouring area, which I don’t want to do :).


You could also try roomboundery offset.
Store, i mean using the lines to crop the view.
left part you could also hide via viewrange.

When i would do it manualy i would copy/paste lines into to the workspace of the croping view.



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What about something like this for a start:?:

  1. Get Room Boundary
  2. Offset boundary a little bit
  3. Get walls insidie boundary
  4. Use the wall geometry to get the lines exactly.

@eklund.rickard try this one:


Nice, this might be the way to do it. However, when I cross the walls in the corners I get this excess lines that I like to trim so that I get the perfect shape

if you create planes // at each of the walls passing through the outer faces [ The point must not belong to the line (delta z for a point) read on dictionnary] of the walls, and make the intersection of these with the plane of the level, you should have a surface, I’m not sure what I’m saying (I am a beginner)