Offset for Crop Region


Attached is the scrip i have created for setting up crop region around the single family in Revit project. Script is working fine as per expectation. But i like to offset the crop region in x and y for all sides. I am using Dynamo 2.0.2 and resize crop box is not working with that. Any other solution for the same?Set Crop Region.dyn (72.6 KB)

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MEPover has nodes which can get/set the crop box curves of a view. I would suggest trying to shift the end points of the curves of the view crop to achieve the X/Y offset, reconnect them via a polycurve and then set the crop box with the new curves.

You could check the Z and X values of each end point to identify which side and corner of the elevations they are on, and the resultant direction you need to push them in.