Creation of the tunnel from the point cloud

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Hi there,
I’m looking for help creating a tunnel from a point cloud on Revit with Dynamo.
Indeed, I already have the profile of the tunnel as you can see in the picture. I imported the points on an adaptive family by creating a polycurve at each profile. I am now trying to create a surface by lofting between the polycurves and creating a solid with this last surface.

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Bonjour à tous,
Je cherche de l’aide pour créer un tunnel à partir d’un nuage de points sur Revit avec Dynamo.
En effet, j’ai déjà le profil du tunnel comme on peut le voir sur l’image. J’ai importé les points sur une famille adaptative en créant une polycourbes à chaque profil. J’essaie maintenant de créer une surface en lissant entre les polycourbes et de créer un solide avec cette dernière surface.

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For your question, I recommend closing the adaptive profiles to get a closed curve loop, you should be able to create the solid in the Revit UI via the solid tools in the adaptive environment without issue from there.

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Thank @JacobSmall
I managed to create the surface and the solid but when exporting them in NWC or ifc the quantity is further degraded.

@Draxl_Andreas the next will be in english

Is that the IFC, NWC, or RVT geometry? My guess is that there is a large coordinates issue, with geometry outside of Revit’s 22 mile limit.

Yes, this is the geometry of the IFC. The geometry of the RVT looks good to me. I have reduced the coordinates in Dynamo. If use the base function of Revit the ifc comes out fine but when use to create the surface after the ifc is not good anymore. The RVT is ok.

Therefore it may be in how you’re are exporting the IFC; Best to post a minimal data set to reproduce the problem, otherwise everything is just a guess.

Ok. this is the RVT file
Uploading: Gabarit_30_05_2022.rfa…