Creation of Floor Plan view fails

I’m trying to create a script that will create a simplified room data sheet based on the selection of a Room. It works when running it in Dynamo, but when running in Dynamo Player, I get a ‘name entered is already in use error’ and am forced to cancel the operation.
This is confusing for a couple of reasons. The name of the view that shows up in the error dialogue is “Floor Plan: Level 1(1)”. First, that’s not the name of the view I’m trying to create. And second, there’s not even a view with that name in the model, so how could it already be in use?

Any help would be greatly apprecited.

The script in question could be creating the core by duplicating an existing view N number of times inside a single transaction. This would potentially tie up the name.

Can you post an image showing your full graph with relevant previews expanded after running it)? To do so zoom in so you see the preview clearly and use the ‘export canvas as image’ feature - the camera icon in the top right.

Here’s a shot of the graph before and after, as well as a shot of the error on the SetCropRegion node. This run was actually not successful - nothing happened, no view or sheet created.


Looks like you need to play around with "Tranaction nodes or/and Passthrough nodes

Hi @Wes_Mcelhany ! Any news on this issue? I’m facing the exact same problem here. As sugested by Sovitek I’ve tried Transaction nodes, Passthrough nodes and both in sequence but the error persists.
Funny thin in my case is this:

A Floor Plan shows in the watch node but not in the results of the node, which only shows a “{}”.
When I try it with the Modellical “FloorPlanWithTemplate” node i get a Floor Plan in the watch node and a “null” in the node’s result:

Very frustrating.

Forgot to mention that despite the Floor Plan shows as created in the Watch node it doesn’t show anywhere in Revit.

Don´t know if it’s a bug in the Rhythm’s node but I’ve replaced it with the “View.SetCropBoxCurves” from MEPover package and worked. But you’ll have to feed it with curves instead of a Bbox.