Creating walls through autocad outline

I found a really nice script on youtube, which consists of transforming the CAD lines into revit walls. I copied exactly like this in the script but I didn’t get the expected result. Could someone help me?

Try using the CivilConnection2020 package for Dynamo Revit.

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Ok. I use which node in the package and where in the script?z

In hindsight i think you do not need to use that package.
But could you maybe share your Revit & .dyn file and a link to the video you used as reference?
Because now i do not understand your problem completely :slight_smile:

The errors that appear in the script are in the following nodes. If you have the solution, I will be grateful.

scriptrotina- criação de paredes automaticas atraves do dwg. beeone.dyn (19.2 KB)

I would use BiMoprhNodes package. There you can find CAD-Lines with layer name. Use that geometry in Dynamo to create your walls.

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Okay, but where would I put the node ??

Select linked CAD model and connect it like that. You will get curves.

The script is shared here, if you want to look at itrotina- criação de paredes automaticas atraves do dwg. beeone.dyn (19.2 KB)

I tried to reproduce the photo script, but when I ran it, there was an error in the last node Wall.bycurveandheight

What says error message?

Says exactly that

Warning: Wall.ByCurveAndHeight expects argument type (s) (Curve, double, Level, WallType), but was called with (Function, int, Revit.Elements.Level, Revit.Elements.WallType)

Can you put a watch node after curves and post it there?

Right. This attached, I do not know if I did it the right way. I am a beginner in dynamo and my domain with English is average. I really appreciate your attentionrotina- criação de paredes automaticas atraves do dwg. beeone- teste 3.dyn (15.6 KB)

You took false node. Take the CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers not DetailCurves.

Now there was an error in the node: CAD.curvesfromlayers

Warning: Your entries are outside the allowed modeling range. Consider choosing the Large setting with a modeling range between 0.01 and 1,000,000 in the “Settings => Geometry working range” dialog box

I don’t know what kind of geometry you have in dwg file but you can change that setting…