Creating topography using top surfaces of walls


I have developed this script to create a sloped topography or floor that lays on top of the walls. (It is for a water tank that will be buried under soil, and surrounding walls are retaining walls)

I got the edge points of walls but I believe, I need only the top edge points to create the floor. So, I should either filter the vertexes or use something other than vertexes.

Which one: topography or floor? It’s the same general process but they use different nodes. I think topography would be easier.

Your first step is to group the wall vertices by z-coordinate to get the top points only. After that you can start working on how to use those points. Do you want a “stair-stepped” surface or would you prefer a slope?


I did something similar, where I had a set of floors and wanted to map something to them (bottom surfaces, in my case).

I found Jeff Shaver’s method extremely useful (details here: Floor points). You would have to go through a similar process of filtering the points generated by the top and bottom of the walls (instead of floors in his example).

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Good luck-

Hi Nick,

A topography would be fine. Which node to use to group the walls? I want a sloped surface.

Point.Z and GroupByKey to get the top points.
Getting the sloped line will be a little more work but should be doable. I’d look at something like Line By Best Fit or you could average your top points. It all kinda depends on what you want exactly.

I see the point. Thank you!