Creating Reference planes and renaming them based on room name, wall direction and GUID

Hi all,

I’ve done a search on the forum and haven’t found anything similar to what I’m trying to do.

I have started creating a script what collects all the wall elements, create reference planes on them and then rename them based on the room they are in, wall direction (N,E,S,W) and the GUID (just for a unique identifier for multiple walls on the same plane) eg. Plant room N 12345678.

I have got the data for the room names, the wall direction and I have created bool masks for everything and I have the ref plane element GUID but I cant map the values back to the original list properly now.

I need some guidance from the more experienced dynamo gurus how to go about this as my script is getting too complicated for me and I’m not the best at handling my list data.

Ref planes on walls with naming.dyn (1.8 MB)

This is how far I’ve got with my graph so far, I feel like im pretty close to being able to combine the lists and change the element names

I saw this at the SFDUG. check out the video. Clockwork Package “Element.SetName” node.

Thanks I know how to set an element name easily enough, I’ve already got the wall direction from the vector normal’s and filtered them from the list into N,S,E,W and replaced the values but I cant map the values back into their original indices.