Creating rectangles at coordinates in Civil3d

I am importing data that represents manholes from another program via Excel.
I have the X,Y coordinate, Length, Width and rotation of the Manholes.

I want to create simple CAD rectangles (or polygons) at the given coordinates with associated dimensions. I have created a coordinate system at each location and then used the node Rectangle.ByWidthLength.

But for some reason this does not work… the output in Civil3d is just lines and if I want to expand the Rectangle.ByWidthLength node to see the contents… dynamo crashes…
Am I disregarding some basic dynamo rule with regards to coordinate systems/rectangles here, as it feels like this should be straight forward?
I attach my script and the excel input file -thanks in advance for the assistance

Structures_trimmed.xlsx (17.2 KB)

Hello @karien.vanheerden

You can have a reference and update further as per your requirement.
here rotation angle i have assumed it as zero. if you have the angle in excel then you can direct those value there.
createRectangle.dyn (33.9 KB)

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Thanks for the quick help!

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