How to create a rectangle

I have try Dynamo v to create simple shape (rectangle). But is notting show in rectangle shape after i input parameter as my file i attached. I already check Auto Run model in left corner.
Thank you for you suggest.
10-30-2017 4-05-16 PM

Hi @chaiwat.arc
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Currently your missing 1 input (plane). If your looking only by width and length then use this node:

@KullKul thank you for your help. I try same you paremeter. Still nothing generate as your picture( no grid no Axis in Green Red Blue in my screen.

Hi @chaiwat.arc do you by any chance simply need to zoom in on the geometry you have created? Try clicking on the enable background box in the top right hand corner then click “zoom to fit”.


@ j.greenV8SX9 i already click on icon that you suggest and use zoom fit is noting show my work do i need to install something or i missing in something.

Sounds like either backround preview is off or the system you are on has a graphics card or hardware issue. Wire a watch node in from the output of the Rectangle.ByWidthLength node and I’d wager it says something is there but your system isn’t showing you what it is in the preview window.

If that is the case, first ensure 3D preview is enabled, and it was and you still have no preview then post your hardware configurations so we don’t send you off on a goose chase.

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I check my 3D preview is enabled already and this is my detail.
Window 10
i7 7700HQ 2.80
NVIDIA Quadro M1200

Thank you for your kind.

@chaiwat.arc Did you check these settings?

Yes alreadycheck that setting. Sorry all for make you busy but i have no
idea for now.

@chaiwat.arc Try running Dynamo from Revit.

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Thank you for your help.

You’re Welcome!