Creating Pipe Network Parts from specific data

Hi guys,

I have data for both Structures and Pipes. Including, Names, Height, Width, Length, Material, Shape etc.

Is there a way to create parts from these variables instead of relying on specific part lists extracted from the current document?

Hello @Nindooo ,

Yes, you can create some logic from the data which you have and create the pipe network in the structure (building)

for example : you have building information , try to feed the input and output of the network and specify some constrains (like dont run the pipe at 45 degree for connecting 2 points, always run parallel or perpendicular to the surface/ floor. and check the result , add more constrains and play with it.

Thanks for your reply. But I think U understood me wrong. I will elaborate with the picture below:

This is how it currently is build up. The PartSizes are derived from data of the current Document. However, I would like to be able to create these PartSizes from the data I have (Material, Height etc.)

The Output has to be PartSize, but I have no clue how to do it, and if it even is possible.